The Exhaust Manifold – Keeping the Air Clean

It’s not a secret that engines can create a lot of pollution. Modern vehicles, however, do a lot to keep emissions under control, helping to reduce what is released into the environment. To accomplish this, there’s a lot that goes on between the engine and your exhaust pipe.

One of the first pieces of the system is the exhaust manifold. It’s attached right on the cylinder head, and its job is to direct exhaust gases from the engine’s cylinders to the next part of the exhaust system, the catalytic converter.

Manifold Problems. A leaky exhaust manifold can cause a lot of problems, especially if the leak is close to the engine. It can cause your oxygen sensor or the EGR valve to malfunction. It can upset the air/fuel balance. It can cause significant damage to your catalytic converter if the system detects that it is running lean.

You may also notice that your engine is making odd noises or you have a burning smell from the engine bay. Of course, one of the biggest indicators of a problem is your check engine light – or a failed inspection.

If you do have a leaky manifold, we’ll remove the old and replace it with new. It’s one of the ‘manifold’ things we do here at Norris Automotive.

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