Norris Automotive Inc. offers reliable transmission replacements for all foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs to drivers in the Mebane and Burlington, NC area.

Transmission repairs are always a source of frustration and fear for anyone who owns a vehicle. There are simple methods to determine if you are experiencing a transmission issue, which we have outlined for you. If you think you are having a problem with your transmission, don’t hesitate to come to our shop. It is important to detect a potential problem soon, rather than wait.


Transmission Fluid May Need To Be Changed

The most common symptom is found when you start your car in the morning, especially if it’s cold. When the car is put into gear, it hesitates before it engages. That is a sign of a dirty filter and that your transmission fluid may need to be changed. To check your transmission fluid level, put your car in park or neutral, find the dipstick and check the level based on the markings. This will also let you know if the fluid is dirty and needs replacement.

Transmission Fluid Should Be A Red Color

Start the car and let the engine run a few minutes to get warm. Next, find the transmission fluid dipstick, pull it out, and check where the fluid level is. The fluid level should be somewhere in the middle of a marked section on the dipstick. You do not want to have too much or too little fluid. If the fluid appears more brown than red, it’s dirty and could use replacement.

The Check Engine Light May Signal A Transmission Problem

Most new cars have a lot of sensors in their transmission. All these sensors are hooked up to the car’s computer. If there is a problem, it will probably set off the “check engine” light. If you have a shifting problem or feel something strange and the “check engine” light comes on, take your car to a qualified service center to have it checked out. This could be the sign of a problem with the transmission, or just one of the sensors.

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