We specialize in electrical diagnostic work, rebuilding automotive parts, the repair of auto electric parts, charging system analysis, remanufactured alternator/starter repair, and electrical tune-ups. We will check your computer electronics charging system, starting system, lights, and turn signals for electrical shorts and open circuits.

There are many aspects to your vehicle’s electrical system. Here are a few components to your vehicle that we recommend you check on an annual basis to head off any problems:

The Starter

The starter is one of the most important aspects of the electrical system in a vehicle. The starter turns the engine when you start your car with the ignition. There are many different problems that can plague a starter, and in some cases, our auto electrical repair technicians will have to replace the entire motor.

The Alternator

The alternator is another very important aspect of the car’s electrical system. While the starter cranks the engine along with the battery, the alternator keeps the vehicle running by charging the electrical systems. It recharges the battery to ensure that the battery powers all electrical systems. The alternator is one of the vehicle’s most expensive parts to replace if it’s damaged. However, other issues can affect the alternator and reduce the power it provides to the vehicle.

The Battery

The battery provides the power to the vehicle’s electrical systems, maintaining a charge through the alternator. A battery will need to be replaced every few years. Surrounding systems can also affect the performance of the battery, and we recommend having the battery power checked at each oil change.


In addition to the battery, alternator, and starter, there are many other types of electrical components present in newer vehicles. This can include power windows and steering, tail and headlights, windshield wipers, and more. Auto electrical repairs involving these components are often the result of blown fuses or bad wiring. Typically, these aren’t costly and can be performed by the owner of the vehicle with a little research and preparation.

If you are experiencing problems with your vehicle’s electrical system, stop by or give us a call. Our experienced ASE Certified technicians will repair your vehicle correctly and efficiently. Serving Mebane and Burlington, NC.

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