Celebrate National Tune Up Day

It’s not exactly a federal holiday, but September 25 is National Tune-Up day. If your vehicle hasn’t had a tune up lately, we think you should celebrate the day by scheduling a tune up with us!

During a tune up, we will:

  • Check the ignition system, including your battery, ignitions coils, distributor, wiring, and spark plugs.
  • Replace your spark plugs as needed. Once the spark plugs wear out, your engine won’t fire properly to burn fuel efficiently, which can damage your catalytic converter.
  • Change the engine air filter, keeping dirt and other debris from getting into your engine.
  • Perform a fuel system cleaning to remove and fuel deposits that cause engine hesitation, loss of power, and poor fuel economy.
  • Assess your car’s overall health, assessing it for breaks, leaks, and other issues.

We’ll also perform seasonal checks – like checking your antifreeze to make sure it has enough viscosity to keep your radiator from freezing.

Give your car or truck the gift of a tune up – and you’ll find that you’re really giving yourself the gift of knowing that your vehicle will give you safe and efficient transportation – wherever you are going.

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