Catalytic Converters – a Catalyst that Converts

catalytic converters

A catalytic converter is the second part of the exhaust system in your engine. Located right after the exhaust manifold, and before your muffler, it’s job is to filter pollutants and noise that would otherwise be released into the air.

It’s a Catalyst. In high school science you learned that a ‘catalyst’ speeds up a chemical reaction. A catalytic converter works as a catalyst to reduce the poisonous gases into gases that are less toxic. The inside of the catalytic converter is made of some expensive metals, like platinum, palladium, rhodium, and sometimes even gold. These are arranged like a honeycomb to maximize the surface area for the gases to flow over.

It’s a Converter. As the gases flow into the catalytic converter, they go across the metals, making chemical reactions happen. The first one removes oxygen from the nitrogen oxide, converting it into nitrogen and oxygen. The second one adds oxygen to carbon monoxide, turning into carbon dioxide and water.

If you feel your engine is sluggish, has dark exhaust, or exhaust that smells like rotten eggs, you may have an issue with your catalytic converter. Come on in and let us be the catalyst that converts your problem back into a smooth ride!

catalytic converters

Fun Facts

Fun Fact 1. Catalytic Converters are prime targets for thieves because they contain precious metals.

Fun Fact 2. Gas with lead will clog a catalytic converter. That’s why we now have unleaded gas.

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