Truth and Consequences – Oil Changes

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Regular oil changes are one of the most important maintenance tasks you can perform for your vehicle. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and neglecting to change it on a regular basis can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s engine over time.

The Basic Truth. Engine oil is what keeps your vehicle’s engine moving. It lubricates the engine’s parts, reduces friction, and helps prevent wear and tear on the engine. It also helps to keep the engine clean by preventing dirt, debris, and other contaminants from building up inside the engine. Engine oil also helps to regulate engine temperature by absorbing and dissipating heat.

The Sad Truth. Over time, engine oil breaks down and loses its ability to lubricate the engine’s moving parts effectively. This can lead to increased friction, which can cause damage to the engine. Regular oil changes help to ensure that your engine is properly lubricated and running smoothly.

The Dirty Truth. Additionally, as oil ages, it becomes contaminated with dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can build up inside the engine. This can cause the oil to thicken and become less effective at lubricating the engine. Changing your oil removes these contaminants so your engine can run more smoothly.

And the Consequences. If you don’t change your oil on a regular basis, the oil in your engine will eventually break down and become less effective at lubricating the engine. This can lead to increased friction and wear and tear on the engine, which can cause serious damage over time. The engine can overheat, causing significant damage to the engine’s internal components. This can even lead to engine failure, which can be costly to repair or replace.

The Convenient Truth. The most convenient truth of all is that you can bring your car or truck to Norris Automotive, and we’ll take care of everything for you! We’ll change your oil and tell you how soon you need to come back for the next change. And the consequence – you’ll get top notch, fast, and friendly service every single time. And that’s the honest truth!

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