Check Engine Light On? Your Inspection is Off.

check engine light

North Carolina has a program called “Tag & Tax Together” that sends a bill for vehicle registration fees and vehicle property taxes at the same time. They send you a paper in the mail, and you can mail it in with a check, go to a Go to a license plate agency near you, or pay online with a credit card*. It’s a convenient way to pay your fees, but it can’t be done until you’ve had your annual vehicle inspection.

Because it’s only human to procrastinate, many people wait until the last week of the month to get the inspection done, meaning there may be a small wait before we can get to your vehicle.

The biggest issue that people run into, however, is the fact that we can’t pass your vehicle if your check engine light is on.

The Exception to the Rule. If your vehicle is more than twenty years old, it it exempt from the emissions inspection. That means that your check engine light can stay on. Your car or truck will still have to pass a safety inspection.

Taxes, Fees, and Registrations. You make two different payments to get your sticker for your tags, and each pays for more than one thing.

  • “Tag & Tax” program is one payment made to the NCDMV. It includes:
    ·Registration fee, which varies according to your type of vehicle and your county. In Alamance County, your plate fee is $38.75.
    ·Property tax, which varies according to how much your vehicle is worth.
  • Your Inspection Fee is one payment made to a NC Inspection Station like Norris or Elite. It includes:
    ·Emissions fee, which is $30. (As mentioned above, vehicles over 20 years old are not required to get an emissions test.)
    ·Safety Inspection, which is $13.60.

    Don’t Wait Too Late. If you know your vehicle’s light is on, come on in early for your inspection. You can get an inspection and renew your registration up to 90 days before the registration is due. We can tell you why your check engine light is on, and can repair it for you, too. A retest is free if you return to the original inspection station within 60 days.

At Norris, we’re here for all your vehicle needs, from safety inspections and emissions testing to oil changes to transmission overhauls. And we’re here to fix that check engine light, so that you can pass your inspection!

*A $3 processing fee applies for credit card payments to the NCDOT.

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