Topping The Tank? Stop Topping!

Are you one of those people who hate pumping gas? Do you try to squeeze as much gas into the tank as possible to make time between fill ups longer? Do you try to buy more gas today while the price is low? Does your OCD push you to spend up to a round number?

We know how you feel, but we have a warning for you. Topping off the tank is counter productive. When your car clicks, it is saying, “I’m full.”

Gasoline needs room to expand, and your tank is designed to have room for that expansion. Overfilling is bad for the environment, it wastes your gas money, and it’s really bad for your engine.

When you overfill, the gas overflows to the vapor canister, which is not designed for liquid gasoline. The raw fuel will damage the charcoal that traps the fuel vapors. Eventually the vent valve will also be damaged. If the onboard refueling vapor recovery (ORVR) system is damaged, your check engine will come on. Repairs can run into the hundreds of dollars.

So next time you hear the click of the gasoline pump, stop. Assure yourself that you’re saving money, air quality, and your engine.

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