Technology – This is Not Your Pawpaw’s Oldsmobile

Depending on your age, you’ve probably seen a lot of changes in vehicles since you’ve learned to drive. Technology has changed from the time your Pawpaw drove that column shifting Oldsmobile. Here are some of the biggest developments.

Did it Crank? One favorite advancement in car technology is remote start, which means a cool or warm car no matter the weather. Keyless entry and anti theft tracking systems are other practical features that your Pawpaw didn’t have to help him crank his car.

What’s That Noise? Remember when your Pawpaw could pop the hood and diagnose engine issues by the sound it made? That still works for some things, but for a lot of problems, you need a computer. One of the significant changes in car repair technology is the introduction of advanced diagnostic tools that help car owners and mechanics identify and troubleshoot problems faster and more accurately. Today’s diagnostic tools can quickly identify issues with a vehicle’s engine, transmission, brakes, and other systems. These days, Pawpaw is just as likely to own an OBD scanner as not. (And if he doesn’t, it would make a great Father’s Day gift!)

Ain’t That Amazing? Mawmaw will remember when a car’s entertainment system was a radio with five buttons and the alphabet game. The GPS system was a map folded up in the glove compartment. Modern vehicles are equipped with amazingly advanced versions of these – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, satellite radio, GPS, and even back seat video.

You Buckled Up? Gone are the days when car safety meant a simple lap seat belt (or your mama’s hand flying out) and a rear view mirror. Now there are active seat belt systems, integrated car seats, and airbags. Many vehicles have backup cameras, lane departure warnings, blind-spot monitoring, and collision detection. And if you’re in an accident, some vehicles are even equipped to call 911.

Is that Fixin’ to Break? Many vehicles now come with self-diagnostic capabilities that can monitor various components and systems of your car or truck. They can detect early signs of potential failures and notify you to do proactive maintenance. There’s no need to try to find that auto maintenance notebook stuffed under the seat.

Car technology has undoubtedly come a long way in the past few decades. As technology continues to evolve, the we at Norris Automotive will also continue to change with the times, giving more efficient, reliable, and affordable services to all your vehicles, including your Pawpaw’s Oldsmobile.

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