Solving the Mystery of Parasitic Battery Drains

You’ve probably never heard of parasitic battery drains, but if you’ve ever left your lights on and had your battery die, you’ve been the victim of one.

The Death of a Battery. A parasitic battery drain is when an electrical issue steals power from the battery while the car is off, not unlike a tick pulls blood from its host. If the drain continues, the battery will loses its charge over time. Sometimes the cause of the dead battery is obvious – like when you left your lights on. But sometimes, finding out ‘whatdunnit’ takes a bit of investigating.

The Suspects. Certain components are common sources of parasitic drains, such as interior lights, trunk lights, faulty switches, or power accessories. Older vehicles and those with certain aftermarket modifications are most susceptible. Faulty electrical components, including keyless entry systems, are also common culprits.

Calling the PI’s at Norris. If your battery keeps dying, and you are sure you don’t need a new battery, let us investigate. We have the expertise and specialized equipment to solve complex electrical “crimes”. We’ll check for short circuits, look for signs of corrosion or loose connections at the battery terminals, test fuses and relays, and find the guilty party.

We’ll make sure that the mystery is solved, and the parasite is stopped!

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