Record Keeping Made Simple

Quick. When was your last oil change? Car Inspection? Tire rotation and alignment? Brake maintenance? When does your timing belt need to be changed?

If you’re like most of us, you have no idea. The reality is that you should be keeping records of your vehicle’s maintenance. The more you know about it, the better you’ll be able to keep it maintained in the future. When you’re getting ready to sell your car or truck, good maintenance records are of great benefit to prove that you’ve taken good care of your vehicle. If you have an issue with your vehicle while it’s under warranty, not having maintenance records may void your protection.

The good news is that there are many ways to keep this information handy, and one of them should fit your record keeping style.

The Shoebox Method. Some people simply stash all of their car related receipts into a ziplock bag in their glove compartment. You may have to dig for the answer, but it will be in there – somewhere. Now if you can just get your glove box to close!

The Old School Notebook. A marble notebook and a stapler is another way to keep yourself organized. When you get your oil changed, write down your car’s mileage, and staple in receipts.

Photos. Your camera is a great way to keep records of your receipts. Take a picture of the receipt, annotate it as needed (add mileage, etc.), and create a ‘vehicle maintenance’ folder on your phone.

Evernote. Arguably the best note taking app on the internet, Evernote will store notes, images, and even emails. Create a notebook or tag for ‘vehicle maintenance’ and your record keeping is done. Evernote can even ‘read’ your handwriting.

Car maintenance apps. There is an app for that. Check out Fuelly, May Car, and CarFax for apps that will do all the remembering for you.

Reminders and calendars. If you use an electronic or paper calendar, you can set up a recurring reminder, or just jot down a pen and ink note on service done along with a note on a future date to remind you of the next service event. You could even set up a reminder with Siri or Alexa!

Dealers and mechanics. If you have a service contract with a dealer, there is a record of all they have done on your vehicle. And here at Norris, we do, too!

However you keep your records, at Norris, we’re here to help you make the service happen. Call us to schedule your next oil change, inspection, or brake work. Save our number in your phone to make it even easier!

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