Must Have Things For Your Car

Traffic jams. Ice storms. Downed trees. Car break downs. And yes, after school car lines.

If you’ve ever been stuck in your car for any amount of time, you probably wished for something that you didn’t have. Most of the things that we need are simply for convenience, but there are other items that are essential in an emergency.

Here’s an example list:

Jumper Cables or car battery charger
Emergency lights or reflectors
Tire Jack
Multi Tool
Duct Tape
Zip Lock bags
Water and snacks
Gum and dental floss
First aid kit including pain reliever
Escape Tool
Ice Scraper
Tire pressure gauge
Hand sanitizer and masks
Tool kit
Bungee cords
Stain remover pads
Tissues (can double as TP!)
Small box of school supplies – scissors, glue sticks, Scotch tape, markers

What things do you have in your car already? What things should you add? And lastly – what should we add to our list? Let us know!

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