Recirculate the AC?

ac recirculate button

Every car with an air conditioner has an option that has a car with a u-turn arrow on it – the recirculate button. Most of us have no idea what that button does, much less when it should be used. Circle up, and let’s talk about it.

What Does it Do? When a car air conditioner is on, it draws air from your car’s exterior into the system, cools it, and blows it into the car cabin.

The recirculate button changes that. Instead of pulling air from outside, the air inside the vehicle is repeatedly drawn back into the AC, cooled, and blown into your vehicle.

There are several benefits to using the recirculate button. First, it will actually keep your car cooler. It can also reduce the amount of odors, car fumes, pollen, and other pollution in your car’s interior.

When Should You Use It? Usually the recirculate button should be used anytime your air conditioner is on. It’s especially helpful, though, during very hot weather or when you are in slow moving traffic jams.

When Should You Turn it Off? Using the recirculate button will increase the humidity inside your car. If you’re one of those who like the AC on even during cold weather, you’ll notice that your windows will fog up if you have the recirculate button on. In some vehicles, the air in the back seats will feel stuffy to any passengers.

In these times with high gas prices and high temperatures, the recirculate button can turn on a cooler car and higher gas mileage.

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