What Every Dad Needs for Father’s Day

oil filter adapter

Even if your dad isn’t mechanically inclined, there are some things that every guy (and gal!) needs to have in their car care toolkit. Here are six things that will make any dad smile.

Car Battery Charger

Car Battery Charger. This is an amazingly useful device that will make Dad into a superhero. He can charge his dead battery safely, along with anyone else who needs a jump, although he won’t have to jump them! (Read why we don’t recommend you use jumper cables on your vehicle!) You can get a plain vanilla variety, or spice it up with one that has emergency lights, AC outlets, phone chargers, and coffee maker. Okay, we’re kidding about the coffee maker.

Car Ramps. If you’ve heard your mom praying while your dad jacks up the car and crawls underneath, she’ll thank you for getting a set of car ramps. Line them up in front of a vehicle’s tires, and slowly drive up. You’ll have to get mom to buy wheel chocks, which keep the car from rolling backwards.

Socket set. A basic socket set is a must have for any dad. Look for a high quality set with a high number of teeth, quick release buttons, and a sturdy case. Or you could just head into any auto shop and ask for recommendations.

Screwdriver Set. Your dad may already have a motley set of mismatched screwdrivers. Help him get organized and make sure he has the right screwdriver for every job. A good set will have both flat head and Philipps head. We like rubber handles to ensure a good grip, with a chrome/steel finish for the shank. (That’s the metal part.)

oil filter adapter
Oil Filter Adapter

Oil Filter Adapter. If your dad changes his own oil, you’ve probably heard him speak French while trying to remove an oil filter. Vehicle engineers are notorious for putting them in really hard to reach locations. An oil filter socket will help! It’s a huge socket that goes around the top of the oil filter, and it’s used with a ratchet to make things a lot easier. It may even clean up your dad’s language.

Dog Bone Wrench. What IS a dog bone wrench, you ask? it’s a clever tool that does everything an adjustable wrench does, without the adjusting. It’s like a complete socket set in one tool. They’re great for oil drain plugs, nut holders, damaged bolts, and much more. Fetch this for your dad!

We know that for some reason, dads are more difficult to buy for than moms, so we hope this handy guide helps you pick the perfect gift for your dad. You get bonus points if you learn to use the tools, so you can work on the car side by side with your dad!

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