Back to School With a New Driver

A child with a new driver’s license brings excitement, worry, convenience, and extra expense to a family. Some children get a brand new car when they turn 16, some inherit or buy a used vehicle, and some have to share a vehicle with other family members. Whichever vehicle your child gets, there are some maintenance skills to teach them.

Pump the Gasoline. Many parents teach their young teens to fill up the family van, but we’re always surprised at how many new drivers don’t have this skill. Finding the gas door release, entering credit/debit card information, knowing which grade gasoline to use, and knowing what to do if the gas nozzle doesn’t turn off – none of these are instinctive.

Put Air in the Tires. Every vehicle has a certain optimal tire pressure. Teach your child how to find this information, and then how to use an air pump at the gas station.

Check Those Fluids. While this isn’t necessary for day to day driving, it’s still important for every driver to know how to check – and fill – wiper fluid, oil, and coolant.

We hate to bring it up, but when teens get their license, it won’t be long before they leave the nest. Before you give that first set of keys, make sure your child knows the very basics of car care. As time goes by, teach them more and more ways to take care of the vehicle.

PS Here’s a list of things that you should make sure every vehicle has.

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