The Anatomy of a Car Repair

o2 sensor

While you do everything possible to keep your car maintained, up to date, and in good condition, life happens. So do unexpected repairs – your brake pads wear out, the battery dies, spark plugs corrode, or maybe your sensor needs replacing. But one of the most common reasons people bring in their vehicle is that it’s “making noises”.

What’s That Sound? This is often a question we get upon the first call for a car repair appointment. Recently, one of our regular customers brought in their older van to diagnose a “clicking sound” they had been hearing when they turned the steering wheel. We advised them to make an appointment or drop off the vehicle so that our trained mechanic could take a look, and listen, and properly diagnose the problem.

Steering Clear. Our technicians test drove the old model van and immediately recognized the familiar sound as a failing or broken CV (constant velocity) joint. Easily stated, a CV joint allows the front wheels to receive power to move. Your vehicle has a CV joint on each side to help control the steering. As they become worn over time, as in this particular case, they cause a clicking or grinding sound as the steering wheel is turned. This particular CV joint was so old and worn out that it had actually dry rotted and needed to be replaced. Your car is still drivable with a broken CV joint in many cases, but it can quickly become unsafe. This is why you need to call Norris at the first sound of trouble!

Back On The Road. We advised the customer of the repair, fixed the issue, and had them back up and safely running by the end of the day. They also inquired about any additional maintenance that we would recommend to safely keep their 182,000 mile van running for many more years. We looked at the make and model and the age of the vehicle, and advised them accordingly.

We’re happy to provide YOU with individualized maintenance tips, routine tune ups and repairs when those unexpected “noises” pop up. Give us a call today for routine maintenance, tune ups, oil changes or simply to ask “what’s that sound?” At Norris we’re here to get you back safely on the road, quickly, efficiently, and click free!

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