Spring Pollen and Your Car’s Air Filters

Spring brings a lot of good things – flowers, gardens, warmer weather, and outdoor living. For those of us who live in North Carolina, spring also brings a haze of yellow pollen.

Pollen doesn’t just build up on our vehicles’ exterior, it also can clog the air filters that are designed to keep clean air flowing into your engine – and into the interior of your car.

Pollen in Your Engine’s Lungs. Your engine’s air filter cleans the air, blocking dirt, debris, and pollen that comes into the engine. A filter that is dirty or clogged can make your engine work harder than it needs to. Your air filter needs to be changed regularly, but during pollen season it is especially important.

Pollen in Your Lungs. You may not realize that your vehicle also has an air filter for your cabin. It cleans the air as it goes through your car’s HVAC system, so it directly affects the quality of air that you breathe. If you’ve noticed a bad smell in your car, if you hear a whistling sound, or if your air flow is weak,replacing the air filter may do the trick. During spring, pollen can really build up, so it’s a good idea to make sure your filter is clean.

Replacing air filters is an easy, do it yourself job, but we can also do it for you. We’ll check your filters, and let you know if they need attention. Bring your vehicle to us, and you can breathe easier – in more ways than one.

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