Rooting for our Community Champions

Our primary business is fixing engines and changing oil, but for a long time, but we have a secondary passion – youth sports! For more years than we can count, we’ve been sponsoring local youth sports teams. At Norris, we love kids, and we love baseball and soccer and basketball! We love to cheer from the sidelines, and we’re grateful we can provide financial support, too.

Mike Norris, our owner, is a mechanic with a heart of gold. He once played Little League himself. He knows firsthand the camaraderie, discipline, and life lessons that youth sports imparts. He loves to keep that tradition alive.

We love to see the kids gain that sense of belonging and being on a team. We love the values that it instills.  The players proudly wear jerseys with the garage’s logo, and when they step onto the field or court, we like to think they play with a little extra determination, knowing that someone believes in them.

If you look real closely at the faces of the players, you may just see family resemblance to some of the Norris and Elite Motor Car employees. Listen to the parents yelling from the bleachers, you’ll probably recognize the voices!

So, next time you drive by Norris Automotive, remember that it’s not just about fixing cars; it’s about fixing hearts and building dreams. 

Here are a few of the teams we’ve sponsored through the years.

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