Making Your Relationship With Your Car Last

Most of us are pretty attached to our vehicles. We give them names, pay to have them detailed, and we spend a lot of money filling them with gasoline. In return, our cars and trucks provide us with reliable and safe transportation that add to the overall quality of our life. You want your relationship with your car to last as long as possible, especially since vehicle prices are so high! Here are some tips to keep your car in your life as long as possible.

Listen for issues. All partners like to be heard, including your car. If your car makes an odd clunk, hum, grinding sound, or hiss. pay attention, If you need, we can listen to the noise, too, and help diagnose any problems. Deal with the little things now, before they become serious issues later on.

Do boring things. Every relationship has mundane things that are the foundation of success, whether it be taking out the trash or buying a birthday card. Your car or truck has the same needs. Change the oil. Change the fluids. Change the air filters. Flush the power steering, antifreeze, and brake fluid. Have your front end aligned. These things aren’t Instagram worthy events, but time invested in these boring tasks will pay off in longer life for your car.

Fix it now. Procrastination has ruined many a couple. Don’t put off things that need to be done now. If you change your brake pads before they get too thin, the expensive to replace rotors and calipers will last much longer. Change the timing belt before it breaks. Fix it now, and you’ll be happier later.

Don’t push the limit. Stretching things over and over will wear down any partnership. Don’t peel off too fast. Don’t overload your vehicle. If you’re driving high in the mountains, or in very hot or cold conditions, change the type of oil you use. Pushing limits over and over can lead to a total break down – with people and with machines.

Get professional counsel. Every couple needs the occasional professional advice. For your vehicles, that professional is us! Come in to Norris Automotive together – or apart – and let us take a look under the hood of what makes your car tick. Take our advice, and we’re betting when you leave, your relationship with your car or truck will be stronger than ever!

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