Lights. Dashboard. Action?

Understanding dashboard warning lights is crucial for every driver. But what does it mean when one of those nebulous symbols begins to glow? Is it a warning that maintenance is needed soon, or a warning that if you don’t stop right now your car’s engine is in mortal danger? How do you know?!

Here’s a basic guide.

warning lights of your car dashboard

Check the Color!
Red Warning Lights: These require immediate action. If you see any red lights, address the issue promptly. Examples include the engine oil warning light (indicating low oil pressure) and the check engine light (signaling various engine problems).

Orange/Amber Warning Lights: These are just advisory signals. They indicate situations or issues that need attention. For instance, the low tire pressure light (exclamation point inside a half-circle) means your tires need air. Find a safe spot to stop and inspect them.

Green or Blue Lights: These remind you that a feature or system is operating normally. No immediate action is needed.

Check the Manual, or…
For more specific information on what the lights mean, check your owner’s manual. You can also use a smartphone to do an image search.

Or you can call us. “My car has a yellow light with an exclamation point and a squiggly line under it” may not mean much to you, but we know it means that you need to check your tire pressure.

One HUGE word of warning. Remember, when your check engine light illuminates, don’t ignore it—get it checked out promptly! We’re warning you. That light on your dashboard needs immediate action. So give us a call!

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