How to Save Money on Your Car’s Air Conditioner

It’s hot. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Running your air conditioner means you use more gasoline. It’s a recipe for paying even more at the pump. Here are some hints on keeping your vehicle’s air conditioner running more efficiently, saving you money at the pump and helping your AC system last longer.

Don’t run your air conditioner while your car is idling. That means that you shouldn’t run outside and pre-cool the car before a trip. Instead, roll down the windows, then run the fan for a few seconds. Warning – it will feel like the heater is on! Once your car no longer feels like an oven, start the air conditioner.

Make sure you have proper Freon levels. If you don’t have enough, the compressor has to work extra hard. If your levels are low, you may have a leak.

Use the recirculate setting on your AC in the summer.

Park your car in the shade.

Don’t be tempted to ditch the AC and roll the windows down – at least not all the time. In general, rolling your windows down at lower speeds is the only time you are going to save money. Your vehicle is designed to be aerodynamic with the windows up. At higher speeds, the extra drag of the open window will actually reduce your MPG.*

Change the air filter in your car. Less particles in the air means that your engine runs better.

Keep your car’s interior clean. All the dirt from soccer cleats and the crumbs from your last fast food visit get thrown up into the air, and sucked into the air.

In this weather, your air conditioner is a necessity, no matter the price of gasoline. Keep a bit more cool cash in your wallet by following the tips above. And if you run into issues, come see us. We’re cool with keeping your vehicle safe, efficient, and…cool.

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