How to Get Your Car Ready to Sell

For most of us, there comes a point in car ownership that we’re ready to sell or trade in our vehicle and buy another. When the time comes for your car or truck, you want to get the very best price possible. Right now, used car prices are at historic highs, but there are still things that you can do to enable you to increase the asking price.

  1. Clean Sweep! Break out the toothbrush and the vacuum, the hose and the wax, and make your car sparkle. Pull our rugs, shampoo the carpet, scrub the tires. You may opt to pay a professional to do a total detailing. Your goal is to clean up all the old french fries, and make your old car sparkle.
  2. Get Your Stuff Out. Remove bumper stickers and any decor inside your car. Check for items under the seat, in the pockets, trunk, and in the glove compartment. 
  3. Kick the Tires. While new tires won’t sell a car, tires that are worn may make a buyer reluctant.
  4. Break out the Records. Records of oil changes and other proof that a car has been taken care of is reassuring to a new buyer. If you’ve had your servicing done with us, we can help with this.
  5. Sweat the Small Stuff. Broken tail lights,  small dents, worn windshield wipers make a car look shabby. If it’s not too expensive, fix it!
  6. Invest in New Stuff. Add new floor mats, a steering wheel cover, or even new seat covers.
  7. Visit Us! Bring your car or truck to us for a once over. We’ll give your engine a good going over and check your fluids so that when a prospective buyer gives it a test drive, there won’t be any surprises.

Once your car is in its best condition, it’s ready to sell. Whether you trade in, sell on a used car market, or do a private transaction, the above steps should help you get top dollar, and get you ready for your next vehicle.
Pro Tip – Before you buy that new ride, bring it to us for an evaluation. Even before you buy, we’re here to help you keep your car or truck in top shape!
Expert Tip – Elite Motor Cars would love to help you sell your vehicle! Give us a call at  (336) 270-3073.

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