Foggy Windows in The Spring

foggy car window

As the weather warms up and spring arrives, you’re going to have foggy windows in your car. Whether it’s during early mornings or after a sudden rain shower, foggy windows can hinder visibility and make driving uncomfortable. But fear not! Here are some practical steps to tackle this issue:

Foggy on Why This Happens? In a word, it’s condensation. Foggy windows occur due to condensation forming on the inside of your car’s glass. Warm air from your breath, body heat, and wet clothing meets the cooler window surface, leading to misty windows. In the morning, the air outside your car is colder than the air inside, creating water vapor which then condenses into droplets leaving behind foggy, damp glass.

Clearing Up the Fog. Here are some suggestions to help you clear the moisture off your windshield.

Activate your car’s heater and front defrost. Warm air can hold more moisture, helping to clear the fog.

Turn on the AC to reduce humidity. The AC removes moisture from the air as it passes over the cooling coils.

Avoid Recirculation. Switch off the recirculation button. Fresh outside air is less humid, preventing further condensation.

Keep Windows Clean. Dirt particles and residue on the glass make it easier for condensation to form. Regularly clean both the inside and outside of your car’s windows using lint-free materials.

Ventilation. Crack a window slightly to balance humidity and temperature between the interior and exterior of your car. Proper ventilation helps prevent excessive condensation.

We know you’re not so foggy that you don’t know that windows are essential for safe driving. Follow these tips, and enjoy a fog-free view as you cruise into spring!

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