Exceeding Your Expectations For You & Your Car

Whether you’re driving down the road and hear that unwelcome sound of screech, bang, clunk or your oil change light simply blinks red, at Norris Automotive we’re here to help you with whatever problems arise. We aim to make your experience easy, efficient, and have your car back up and running in no time.

Rev Your Engine. At the first sound of trouble, or if you need maintenance, simply just give us a call. Our friendly staff will work with your schedule and create an appointment based on your unique situation. Once your appointment is set, you’ll receive a text confirmation with all of the information we’ve discussed with you including the time of your appointment. Dropping your car off? Not a problem. We have a convenient lock box for your keys if you’ll be leaving your vehicle after hours. Just let our technicians know what works best for you and we’re happy to work around your schedule. In addition to a confirmation appointment text, expect a call or text the day before your appointment as well, letting you know that we’ve reserved a spot especially for you.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? The choice is yours! If you’re having routine maintenance performed – tire rotation, oil change, etc.- you’re welcome to kick back in our waiting area, watch TV, grab a soda, and simply wait until your name is called to drive off into the sunset.

If your vehicle requires diagnostic testing, you’ll likely want to schedule a time to drop it off while our technicians uncover the problem.  After performing tests and looking under the hood, they will contact you at the number provided, review your options and put in place a plan of action.

While we’re here to get you back up and running quickly, we want to make sure that no additional problems arise and that we’ve exceeded your expectations.  A day or two after your visit, you can expect a follow up text or email from our technicians ensuring that your vehicle is functioning properly and that you have no further questions.

At Norris Automotive we strive to provide excellent customer service while getting you automobile up and running quickly. Call us today for any of your automotive needs and we’ll make sure you leave happy and your car is running smoothly. 

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