At Home? We’ll Come to You!

In these uncertain times, we’re all doing what we can to help keep each other safe. We know that many of you are staying at home, doing your part to keep COVID-19 from spreading. If your car needs maintenance during this time, we can help!

Home Visits. We’re offering basic services, such as bulb changes, wiper blade replacement, and battery servicing – right in your car or driveway. For other services, we can come, tow in your car to our shop, and then bring it back to the home.

During home visits we can make sure that we minimize any contact to maintain social distancing. First, you can tell us where to find your car key! Then, we’ll cover your seat with paper, and make sure that we sanitize all surfaces thoroughly. When we finish, we’ll wipe off your key and put it back in its hiding place.

After their visit, our technicians will call you about their visit, letting you know what they’ve done and talk to you about their findings. We’ll invoice you by email and you can pay on our website.

Pick Up Service. If your car needs to be inspected or need repairs that can only be done in our shop, we come get your car, tow it back to the shop, service it, and return it to you.

The best part is that if your bill is $50 or over and you are within ten miles of our shop, the service is free. For bills under $50, there is a $10 surcharge. Call us for pricing if you live further away!

Drop Off Service. If you’d prefer, you can bring your car to us and drop it off for service and repair. Simply drop your key off in the dropbox, and we’ll let you know when it is finished.

You already know that your car’s health is our priority. We want to assure you that your health is important to us, too! Call us today or send us a message, and let’s make arrangements to have your car serviced – from a distance.

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