Are You Ready For Your Road Trip?!

There’s a collective excitement across the United States. Travel is back! If you’ve got a road trip on your calendar, now’s the time to get your vehicle road trip ready – including making an appointment with us.

Spare Tire. Make sure that your spare tire works – and that the kit is complete. If you don’t know how to change a tire, it’s a good idea to learn how!

Car Emergency Kit. Flares, jumper cables or a battery charger, and a gallon of water are essential to take with you on your trip.

Enough Cords to power your devices. Since your Ipads, cell phones, ear buds, and your cooler all need to be charged, you may need to invest in a dual USB car adapter or even a separate power bank.

First Aid Kit. A basic first aid kit should include Benadryl, pain relievers, meds for motion sickness and nausea, anti itch cream, and items for wound care.

Bathroom Kit. We all know that public restrooms aren’t always equipped. Tissues, Anti-Bacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer will help you for that unsavory toilet in the back of nowhere.

Water and Snacks. You’ll save a lot of money if you stock up on snacks before you get to the gas station. A bottle of frozen water can be used as an icepack – and nowadays most hotels have a refrigerator in the room.

Flashlight. Whether you need it to peer under the hood of your car, or to find the key for that late night Air BnB entry, you need a flashlight.

Of course the biggest thing you need to take on a road trip is the peace of mind that comes from letting us check over your vehicle before you go. We’ll make sure the battery and lights and cables and fluids and tires and everything else are ready for your trip. That will let you have more time to figure out what snacks to take!

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