Norris Saves the Day!

At Norris, we take pride in keeping your car running strong and helping you when problems arise. We especially love hearing stories like this one from a recent customer. While our technicians don’t really run around in superhero capes, sometimes they can help save the day.

Down And Out. One of our current customers had just picked up her kids from school when she stopped at a nearby store, tried to start her car, and it wouldn’t crank. Frustrated and with three kids in tow, she got a “jump start”, then headed to the local auto parts store hoping it was just a simple battery. Upon arriving she received dreaded news: “It’s not the battery. It’s the alternator”. It was almost closing time, at Norris, but she quickly picked up the phone and called anyway. After listening to her describe the problem in detail over the phone, the technicians told her to head their way.

Going Strong. Once she arrived at Norris – again, right at closing time – Ryan popped the hood of her van to take a look. After some quick diagnostic testing, he assured her it wasn’t the alternator after all (sigh of relief), simply a dying battery. Thinking she was going to need an appointment to come back, she was surprised when we had the battery in stock, installed and her car back up and running in less than ten minutes.

“With a jam packed schedule, dinner time, three kids and after a long day, I was so thankful for the honest professionals at Norris Automotive who actually took the time to listen to my problem, diagnose the issue and have my car going strong without giving me the run around. Thank you, Norris for saving the day (and evening)!”

We love our customers and are so happy to hear stories like this one. When it comes to your automobile needs, call Norris first for an honest opinion and experience that matters.

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